Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas!! Part I

We had a great and very relaxing Christmas, living above our station in the beautiful (though also really strange in an everything is perfect kind of way) Seabrook.  So many of our favorite people were there that it would have been impossible to NOT have a good time.  Grandma Genie and us girls traveled there on Sunday before Christmas and were soon joined by the Millwards.  The next day, Kathy and Harlan arrived and the following day, after the Millwards departed, we were joined by Uncle Pete and Aunt Setsuko and their dog, Hikari. much fun!  Here are some glimpses of the week:
Our little tree

With a little prompting from mama, the girls got each other Batman pj's!  So fun!

Uncle Nick brought his guitar and we had an evening of much cozy goodness

When we arrived, Ruby announced, "Oh look!  We can hang our stockings by the fire like normal people!"  So , we were normal for a week.  Yay us!

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