Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas!! Part II

We spent much of the trip enjoying the house and the beach and food and drink.  On Christmas Eve there was a candlelight ceremony at the Town Hall.  It was very sweet.  Very Little House on the Prairie.  The talking went a little long for the kids but they sure did love getting to hold FIRE.  And the singing.  The singing was so fun.  I loved it.
Feeling very grown up holding fire

Santa came!  He showed up at our doorstep just after we got back from the candlelight ceremony.  Lucy was completely freaked out and ran upstairs screaming.  Ruby was ready to tell him EVERYTHING.  Lucy finally calmed enough to give Santa her pictures that she drew, but then melted into tears when she realized that Mrs Claus wasn't there to receive her picture.  Then she decided she was brave enough to tell him that Dolly really wanted a bone with a red bow on it in her stocking.  Sweet girl.

On Christmas morn, I awoke to Ruby snuggled up beside me.  She had a big grin on her face and looked at me and said, "I love you mom" and there was my Christmas gift, right there.  Then we went down to see what Santa had brought on his return trip.  

Here is Ruby all snuggled up with Hikari reading her new book that Grandma got her.
And here's Lucy with her new baby from Grandma Rita at the beach.  See?  HAPPY.

Having time to sit and really enjoy each other's company for that stretch of time was so glorious and we are so happy that so many that make up our little family were there to share it with us.  We are a lucky bunch of girls!

Christmas!! Part I

We had a great and very relaxing Christmas, living above our station in the beautiful (though also really strange in an everything is perfect kind of way) Seabrook.  So many of our favorite people were there that it would have been impossible to NOT have a good time.  Grandma Genie and us girls traveled there on Sunday before Christmas and were soon joined by the Millwards.  The next day, Kathy and Harlan arrived and the following day, after the Millwards departed, we were joined by Uncle Pete and Aunt Setsuko and their dog, Hikari. much fun!  Here are some glimpses of the week:
Our little tree

With a little prompting from mama, the girls got each other Batman pj's!  So fun!

Uncle Nick brought his guitar and we had an evening of much cozy goodness

When we arrived, Ruby announced, "Oh look!  We can hang our stockings by the fire like normal people!"  So , we were normal for a week.  Yay us!