Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spider-Man! Or Why I Think Ruby is the Bees Knees

When I took Ruby shoe shopping for school, these are the shoes she picked out:

They've been way into super heroes lately so I was not surprised though I was secretly pleased. She wore them or the first day yesterday and the first thing she said was that some kids were saying she had "boy" shoes. I asked her why and she said, "Just because they aren't pink!" I said she could wear whatever she wanted and that there shouldn't need to be any need to call one thing for boys or one or girls. I then told her About when I got teased for having a Lone Ranger lunchbox. She asked me to tell that story three times in a row. 

The mom of her bestie from school emailed me to tell me her daughter was so worried that Ruby was being teased and tried to stick up for her. Sweet girl!

Anyway, I just love that she loves Spider-Man, that she is ok with what she likes and that she has such a kind friend. I am hoping that she is able to always feel comfortable with what she loves. 

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