Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Grade!

Big girl is off to first grade this week. She as pretty happy to be going to the same school and seeing her pals again. I love her school- it feels like a real community and it gives me happy butterflies whenever I'm there. 

The first few days were a little rough - I forgot just how knackered she would get after a full day if being "on" and one thing I know about her is transitioning from activity to activity is not something she likes and it wears her out. So we had a few days where it all fell apart, coupled with the fact that I still don't have an answer about her bus stop not being available any more. Luckily my posse was there to support with Harlan giving me time to take a walk and my ladies reminding me that, indeed, it'll all be ok, and dinner being delivered right to my door and a clean house to come home too. Holy hell- what would I do without my village?

Ruby seems to like her teachers, she's happy that her besty is in her class and she is working really hard. So, here's to a great year (and surviving the first week)!

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punims said...

Your girls are just magazine like perfect little pixie dolls! That first day picture is just an awesome picture too!

First days... we've had those too, doesn't it bring back such memories?!