Monday, October 28, 2013


We got our costumes off to a trial run for the White Center Trick or Treat.  Superheroes and villains invaded the neighborhood!

My Parenting Book Title

This pretty much sums up my parenting right here

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Parade of Elderly Female Relatives

We had the good fortune of a long weekend with Gramma Genie, Gramma Rita and Auntie Marie.  We ate well, played games and had lots of laughs.  We love those ladies!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random updates

Oh boy it's been busy and it's FALL and many things to share!

Lucy is slowly moving out of the preschool room and into the "Olders" room in preparation for her 4 year old birthday.  She's gotten a taste of the olders and is looking forward to being back with her friends Ari and Thekla, though she'll miss JoJo quite a bit.  She is learning her letters and pretends to read to her babies while she's at home.  Sometimes I hear her say to the cat or dog, "Oh honey...let me help you."

Ruby's been in 1st grade a couple of weeks now and finally adjusting to it.  She had a very hard time the first week or so. Poor kid was exhausted and a complete basketcase for a few days. Logically, I understand this -- 2 classes, 2 languages, all new rules -- but it was rough for a few days, there.  Thank god for my posse.  At any rate, she's doing well and I'll be glad to get to talk with her teachers in a few weeks. 
A couple of Ruby gems of late:
She loves to hear stories about grown-ups and their childhood and I frequently get requests like, "Tell me a story about when you were scared. With snakes." or "Tell me a story about when your imagination ran away with you."  When I have told her stories where I was misunderstood something she says, "That is just like when I used to think that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were in love!"  I have no idea where she heard of those two but I love that she's made the connection and that she has some "When I was little.." stories to share.  The other was a few days ago while at the Andersons.  The kids were playing and Ruby came running up to me in full tattle-tale mode, an upset look on her face and requesting intervention. "Mommy!  Ari says bananas don't make you crazy!!  And the DO! Monkeys are crazy!"  Poor Monica and I had to really hold in the laughter to address her feelings of injustice that someone disagreed with her theory.

The girls are really into superheroes still which is fun.  I adore this pic of Lucy in her princess fairy dress and Hulk mask.

This weekend, we were fortunate to get a visit from my dear cousin, Geneva and 4 month old Baby Jasper.  Lucy was kind enough to give up her favorite car seat to him and both girls loved snuggling this sweet boy.

I love how he's staring at her face....

And not to be missed, Ruby lost her 3rd tooth this week!  Now she's got a jack-o-lantern smile and lisp. Not for long, the big one is already making its way out!
That's it for now.  We are really looking forward to fall and the holidays!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spider-Man! Or Why I Think Ruby is the Bees Knees

When I took Ruby shoe shopping for school, these are the shoes she picked out:

They've been way into super heroes lately so I was not surprised though I was secretly pleased. She wore them or the first day yesterday and the first thing she said was that some kids were saying she had "boy" shoes. I asked her why and she said, "Just because they aren't pink!" I said she could wear whatever she wanted and that there shouldn't need to be any need to call one thing for boys or one or girls. I then told her About when I got teased for having a Lone Ranger lunchbox. She asked me to tell that story three times in a row. 

The mom of her bestie from school emailed me to tell me her daughter was so worried that Ruby was being teased and tried to stick up for her. Sweet girl!

Anyway, I just love that she loves Spider-Man, that she is ok with what she likes and that she has such a kind friend. I am hoping that she is able to always feel comfortable with what she loves. 

First Grade!

Big girl is off to first grade this week. She as pretty happy to be going to the same school and seeing her pals again. I love her school- it feels like a real community and it gives me happy butterflies whenever I'm there. 

The first few days were a little rough - I forgot just how knackered she would get after a full day if being "on" and one thing I know about her is transitioning from activity to activity is not something she likes and it wears her out. So we had a few days where it all fell apart, coupled with the fact that I still don't have an answer about her bus stop not being available any more. Luckily my posse was there to support with Harlan giving me time to take a walk and my ladies reminding me that, indeed, it'll all be ok, and dinner being delivered right to my door and a clean house to come home too. Holy hell- what would I do without my village?

Ruby seems to like her teachers, she's happy that her besty is in her class and she is working really hard. So, here's to a great year (and surviving the first week)!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The girls have really been into biking this summer. Up and down the street. Over and over. It's about time to take the training wheels off Ruby's bike and get Lucy a bike. Then I'll get one and we can be a bike riding family next summer!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flower Girls

Our dear friends, Danielle and Ian got married last weekend and Ruby and Lucy were fortunate enough to get to participate in the ceremony by being flower girls.  They were so sweet.  Ruby is certain that someone who attended the wedding will want to have them as flower girls since they did such a good job.  She's already looking for referrals!  It was a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy for Danielle and Ian-- they are two of our favorite people and we are so happy to have been a part of the celebration!

Camping Adventure!

Ruby wanted to go camping this summer and though she did go with Auntie Amy and Grandma Genie, I thought it'd be fun to dust off our camping gear and head out.  Auntie Kathy wanted to come too!  And what an adventure we had!

Ruby started vomiting on Thursday evening.  She otherwise was fine, no fever, nothing so I figured it'd pass.  After throwing up through the night until about 3:30, it finally abated and she felt better.  She was determined to go camping and told me that if we forgot to bring a bowl, we could just "dig a hole for me to puke in."  She then got up the next morning and put on this outfit.  Ready for camping!

We drove out to find a camping spot and after a few misses, found a lovely place near the river.  Alas, it was a campground with no water and there was a burn-ban which meant no campfire but it was beautiful and quiet.  It was also super hot so after setting up camp, we spent a few hours getting wet in the river.

We went back to camp, had dinner and played a few rounds of Mermaid Beach and then sent the littles off to bed.  Kathy and I stayed up for a while playing a game and chatting.  At one point, we noticed some strange lights in the sky and couldn't figure out what it was.  A laser show at the resort?  A drive-in theater?  Then it occured to us that it was lightning.  Oh yeah!  What are we new?  After observing it for a very long time, we then heard thunder and that it was MUCH closer than before.  Should we put the fly on the tent?  Why yes we should!  Alas, it was too late.  After trying to put the fly on, in the pitch dark while the rain came down, we realized the futility of the exercise and aborted the mission and the four of us (and Dolly) ran to the car.  We were all damp and cold and watched the lightning from inside the van. "Next time, put on the fly," Ruby deadpanned.  We were all able to laugh at the ridiculousness of our situation, luckily.  The next morning, over breakfast, we determined that our stuff would never dry in time for bed, so we'd break up camp before nightfall and head home and then Ruby puked in the bushes.
After being cold and wet all night (oh my neck still has not forgiven me for that), it was then back to wicked hot.  We played in the river some more, made some rock creations and played with our friends.  Good fortune smiled upon us as a family with two little girls was right next to us and Ruby and Lucy quickly befriended them and had playmates for the trip.  Dolly had fun but it turns out she's not a huge fan of water and she was disturbed by the lack of napping time.
Here is a mermaid we made out of rocks:
Me and Kathy and our "We survived the night!" faces:
We headed home later that day, exhausted and DIRTY and ready for bed. Shortly after we got home, Lucy announced that her tummy "was not feeling better" and threw up hourly for the next 6  hours.  SO glad we decided to come home early!

All in all, it was a GREAT trip. Lots of adventure and tales to tell and we learned a thing or two (The FLY, ladies, the FLY!")  But the best part was seeing what great troopers the girls were, that they were able to laugh and go with the flow.  Also, Kathy is a great camping partner ! Time will tell if she wants to join us for the next one. Ha!

First Solo Flight!

Early in July, Ruby got on the airplane to go visit Grandma Genie. She was nervous when she first found out she was going alone but after talking about how it would work and how you can't be brave without being a little scared, she felt better. Sure enough, when the time came, she marched off and arrived safely and ready for 12 days of fun in Idaho!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello Dolly!'s been a while! Well catching up, on April 30th we adopted this crazy girl and we love her so. Dolly is sweet, smart and a perfect addition to the Miller Girl house. She's got short little legs and a looong body which leads me to believe she is a dachshund mix of some kind. 

There is much to report! More soon!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist!

Lucy had her first tooth cleaning and she did awesome!!