Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sicky McSickersons

The past two days have been chock-full of sad, feverish faces and hacking bronchial coughs.  Ruby was sick all day on Sunday, vomiting (thankfully at her dad's house for once) and Lucy came down with it last night.  We just read, drew pictures, practiced letters and watched our fill of Christmas movies....trying to get those darn bugs out of the system.  

Lucy was better today but Ruby awoke from a 3 hour nap this afternoon (which if you know Ruby is a good indication of how sick she is -- that kid hates napping as much as I do) with a fever and chills and her cough is awful. No way is she well enough for school tomorrow.  I am out of sick leave so I called upon her dad who it turns out has the day off tomorrow which is super convenient.  His wish was to pick her up this evening.  So he did.  

Can I just say how gutted I am....how hard it is having your sick child crying that she just wants to stay home as you have to physically hand her over?  All the while your other child is crying that she wants to go to daddy's too? 

Not fun.  And I don't get to see her until Thursday night.  Going to snuggle Lucy and drink a glass of wine now.

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