Saturday, December 22, 2012

And So It Goes...

The house of ill continues as I came down with the crud and the three of us have been in lockdown since Thursday night. Ruby has the croup so, as one of colleagues put it, we are celebrating a  good old fashioned Christmas with a good old fashioned illness.  Fun stuff.  The house is a disaster and we've had to miss several festive activities. That song by Madness, "Welcome to the House of Fun" keeps going through my brain in a kind of maniacal way.  But we are making the best of it. With only a few flare ups of cabin fever, we've been reading The Witches by Dahl, watching holiday movies, listening to holiday music and doing some crafty things.

I've been doing my best to keep my head up, remembering that I am lucky to have my two girls with me and even as trying as it can be, it's a blessed thing. We are getting better, we don't need to do it ALL for heavens sake! And they are just happy to get to cut up pieces of paper into teeny tiny pieces. At one point, I said I was feeling frustrated as I hunted for my hot pad for the 10th time. Lucy said, "Imma give you a hug, Mama. I love you so much!" What a little warmer of hearts that one is!

I did feel like we needed to have something to offer Santa however, so I broke out the refrigerator dough and can of frosting and made some cookies. Not up to my normal standards but we had fun I think. These will not be up for public consumption however. No matter how many times I said it, they just coughed right onto the cookies. Luckily Santa is not a germaphobe!

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punims said...

Feel better you guys!!!