Friday, November 2, 2012

In Which Ruby Has an Adventure...

Ruby had a bit of an adventure this week and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Normally on Thursdays, Dara picks her up from the bus stop and takes her to soccer with Kayla.  However, soccer ended last week and neither Dara or I remember to let the daycare know.  ACK!!  I arrived at her daycare to discover that when the bus dropped her off and there was no one there to meet her, she just walked the block from her stop to the daycare and walked in the door and said, "Hi!"  This, of course, gave the teachers a HEART ATTACK!  I feel quite badly about this.  Ruby however, was unfazed.  The very first day we walked to her stop, I told her that if for whatever reason someone wasn't at the stop, she should go directly to school and that's just what she did!  What a girl! 

I asked her what she thought and she just said, "I just went to school. I ran for a bit just to get some exercise and then I walked and I was there."

I am so proud that she knew just what to do and did it!  Of course, we will be doing everything possible NOT to have this happen in the future but it seems that my girl is turning into a very independent, clever and capable young lady. 

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