Monday, May 7, 2012

Miller Girlz Day of Fun

We took advantage of lovely weather and a free day to have a much need Miller Girlz Day of Fun.  We got up and hopped on the bus and headed downtown.  Mommy was satisfying her guilt that her girls never get to go to the library so went to work on her day off.  Ask me how much I love you Ruby and Lucy!  We hit the Spanish Story Time and visited with our friends Miss Cikeithia, Miss Mary, Miss Jenny, Miss Betsy and Miss Joan. We rode up the big long escalator and picked out some treats for our friends.  

After the library, we took a walk down to the market and got some mini donuts and then sat out at a cafe and watched the people while we ate them.  Lucy quite enjoyed the "chickens" aka pigeons and nearly got her head stuck between the railings of the fence at the cafe.  We also looked at the fish and the flowers.  Ruby suggested I buy a gold wig and Lucy waved at the doggies.  Then we walked over and caught the bus home.  

One our way into downtown, Ruby insisted on giving the bus driver a princess sticker.  On the way home, we jumped on the back of the bus and when we went to pay, the bus driver leaned over and said, "Hey looky here!" and it was the same guy as before!  He pointed to the sticker that was still there on his shirt!  Ruby was thrilled.

We headed home, picked up Ari from school and now the big girls are playing in the yard while Lucy naps.  Such a great morning!

Now some photos!  All out of order but I don't feel like messing with them :-)

The girls sharing donuts

Sharing some water -- note the railings where Lucy got her head stuck.

Doing the Tooti Ta in Spanish Story Time with Miss Tania

Shaker eggs!

On the Bus!

Lucy enjoying the ride in the ergo

Refreshing agua

All three of us
Lucy smiles
At the fish market!

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rinx said...

So nice that you guys got to do that! I love the pictures:)