Monday, May 14, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

We had a lovely lovely weekend for the most part.  A BBQ with lots of awesome people, gorgeous weather and a near perfect Mother's Day.  Uncle Harlan made sourdough pancakes and Auntie Kathy brought mimosas (for the grown ups of course), the girls discovered the joy of Reddi Whip and we discovered that Ruby is the "Queen of the Pancake Hole"...whatever that means. 
Queen of the Pancake Hole!

The girls washing the patio ala Cinderella
After brunch, the girls spent the afternoon at Kayla's with Kayla's dad while Dara, Kathy and I went to get mani-pedis and we topped that off with some sitting in the sun.  It was all kinds of wonderful. 

Ruby white washing the fence ala Tom Sawyer

The Bad:
I did a LOT of laundry.  Like a lot.  Why?

The Ugly:
Thursday night, Lucy was puke city.  I took off Friday since I was up all night with her and spent most of the day with the washing machine.  Luckily by 2pm she was back to her old self.  Sunday night, Ruby repeated the process so back to the washroom I went.  We slept in a bit and she seemed back to her old self so I took her off to school. 

Phew! Let's hope that the puking train has left this station.


shaulipoo said...

amazing that the stomach bug reached your end of town. EVERYBODY has it here.

librarymeow said...

It was thankfully a very short-lived bug!