Monday, April 23, 2012


Here's a picture of Ruby on the bookmobile. She lives it and its so fun to see her there Lucy's first experience of it was somewhat traumatic, however. I could hear her wailing,"Don't want it!" as they came up to us. Figures the librarian's kid is afraid of the bookmobile! Hopefully next month will be better.

Hope and Change

Lucy is an independent gal. That being said, she knows when she needs help. Like her sister, when she asks for help, it sounds like, "Hope? Hope?" I've taken to saying back, "Hope and change?" so now that's how she asks for help. That's my girl!

Beautiful Days

We've had some gorgeous weather of late. We've been soaking it up! Lots of outdoor fun. Today Ruby said, "This is a good day." I was in complete agreement.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hair Cut!

It was high time for a haircut do we played beauty parlor. Ruby's is a little shorter than I meant it but it still looks cute. I cut about 6 inches off! The last pic is just a cute one of Lucy - I think she looks like she's about to go play a few rounds of Hackey sack.