Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ruby's Birthday Party

I had a couple of little tiny get-togethers for Ruby's birthday.  One small one with just the family with baby cupcakes on the Sunday before and then a small slumber party later in February when I'd  had a chance to catch my breath.  Ruby invited the two neighborhood pals, Kayla and Ari, as well as Sofia (a strategical move on my part - Ruby adores her and I knew she'd love helping me :-))  Also, Grandma Genie was in town so that was a nice help as well.

Ruby requested "PRINCESSES!" and really, is anyone surprised?  So, I got crafty and tried to make the living room very royal.

The entrance to the castle

The cake table

The princess upon entering
The girls all got some fake princess-y hair
And we decorated crowns.  Here's Ari with hers.
And Sofia.  Every slumber party should have a Sofia.

All in all, it was so very smooth.  They played, ate and played some more.  Ending with a viewing of Mulan and they were all asleep by 9:15.  5 girls happy as can be.  Ruby's still talking about it, which if you know Ruby, that means it made an impression!

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