Friday, March 23, 2012

The Chicken

A few weeks ago, I was running around on a Sunday, trying to get all I needed done before the girls came home.  Then, they came home a full hour sooner than I expected..right when I was in the middle of doing taxes and planning for dinner for the next day.  Because I was just about finished doing what I needed to do, I tried to do it all at once.  Big mistake.  What happened was this:  I needed to go downstairs to grab a form for the taxes.  While down there, I also grabbed a bag of frozen chicken breasts.  I came upstairs, set the chicken on the stool and put all of the tax stuff together. At some point, I hear, "Here, mama!" and I say thanks and finish the task. Soon, I finish and walk into the kitchen with Lucy and Ruby to prepare dinner.  When I get in there, I realize I don't have the chicken but when I go back to where I had set it...It's GONE.  GONE!  Where's the chicken, Lucy?  Where?  Of course, she has no idea of what I am talking about and I am trying like MAD to get her to tell me where she stashed it.  I was half laughing at the situation and half panicking at the thought of the smell that this bag of chicken was going to send through my home if I didn't find it.  I called Dara, who also saw the humor in this but came over to help.  How do you get information out of a two year old?  We were like Law and Order up in here!  I got another identical bag of chicken out and we had to make it a game.  Where's the chicken?  Where is it?  Go! Go find it!  The Dara brilliantly set the bag on the same stool and said, "Where's the OTHER chicken?"  Lucy said, "Right here!" and opened my filing cabinet.  Can you imagine if we hadn't found it!  ACK!  Funny funny game Lucy!  Moral of the story, try one task at a time mama!

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