Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Has Fallen

Fall is here and we are enjoying this new nip in the air. We've had some great fall weather! In early October, we got a visit from our dear Auntie Laura and Watts and Andie. Here you see Lucy and Andie in their dress up finery!
Lucy adores dressing up. She often will not leave the house without her bag and she likes to have a hat and/or a scarf as well. Very well accessorized she is.
We also got a visit from Grandpa Dave. Lucy very much enjoyed reading stories with him. Then it was pumpkin patch time. This was the first time that I had gone on such an adventure with the girls and it was great. We met up with Dara, Eric and Kayla and, as it turns out, Magy and her whole family were there. What fun!
Ruby and Kayla navigating the corn maze
Both of the girls are enjoying school a lot. Ruby is really learning a lot and insists on writing her name pretty much everywhere. Her latest thrill is drawing little pictures and her name on post-it notes and putting them all over the house. It's great because she is soooooo happy with a simple pen and paper. I've taken to covering the kitchen table with paper and letting her go to town. Lucy has followed suit and her voice piping up, "color! color!" is a common sound when she sees Ruby has busted out the pen and paper. Ruby tells a lot of stories and is currently interested in allergies. After telling me about a girl in her school who has allergies to nuts, she asked if I was allergic to anything. I said no and she said, "I'm allergic to things." I said, "Like what?" and she replied, "I am allergic to dandelions that don't give you wishes." Yup. Ruby is also still really really into the princesses. Her favorites are Ariel (Little Mermaid), Rapenuzel and Mulan. I really need to get a copy of Mulan for us!
Lucy has developed so much over the coming months and it astounds me how much she understands and does. A couple of weeks ago we had some people over and I noticed that the cats were giving me the stink eye because their dishes were empty. I said to Lucy, "Hey. I think the kitties are hungry! Do you want to feed them?" I was in the middle of cooking something so I was just thinking I'd get her primed for helping..and then I totally forgot about it. About 30 minutes later, I remembered and went to feed them and their dishes were totally full. Monica said after I mentioned feeding the cats, she saw Lucy go over, get the dishes and fill them up and put them back. I was amazed! Not bad for 21 months, eh? Her vocabulary is HUGE and she is very emphatic about what she wants and likes inclucing her clothes and her toys. She's also started throwing tantrums so that's fun...but it's mostly cute especially after I have seen what kind of tantrums four brings. Ha ha!
Ruby and Lucy love each other so much! Even though they have their little fights, I always catch them giving each other mimos and when Ruby is hurt, Lucy gets very concerned and will come tell me. Ruby likes to show Lucy off to all of her friends. Oh those girls! They are giving me smiles every day!!

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