Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Ode to Laura Numeroff

If you give a waken baby a chupa chup* you might step on her older sister's hair (who is inexplicably sleeping on the floor), which might make her cry. If she cries, she might further waken the baby who might get her arm stuck in the bars of the crib. If she gets gets her arm stuck in the crib, you might have to turn on the light to figure out what's wrong, which might really wake them both up. If you get the baby's arm unstuck, the older one might still be crying so you'll need to cover her up and give her a kiss and a profuse apology. If the older one goes back to sleep, the baby will need her blanket and doggie and an extra cuddle. Then you will need to give the baby her chupa chup. Good night.

*chupa chup is what we call the pacifier.

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