Sunday, August 14, 2011

La La Land

At the end of July we hopped on a plane and went to LA to visit our Spanish friends who are staying there for the summer. They were right in Santa Monica so we had direct access to beach and shopping! The plane ride was nothing short of hell, as I discovered that Lucy does not take kindly to having to sit on a lap during take-off and landing. Time to buy that extra seat. That I had free tickets, meant that the flight was not direct and required changing planes. However, all were super nice on board and overall, the girls were great. I may be a little deaf in one ear now, but that's no biggie. We visited the promenade, checked out the Disney store, had ice cream and went to Malibu. Whoo hoo! We also hung out with the French so it was a multi-lingual adventure: Spanish, French, English and Swahili.
Ruby and Mario in front of the GIANT pitufo/smurf

Ruby and Mario carrying the surf board to the beach

Lucy had no interest in the water. She just wanted to hug the sand

Ruby got buried!

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