Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls! Girls! Girls!

More Summer pictures to come!
Little Tom Sawyer
Fun on the slide
So, Estelle and Sienna, my nieces came for a visit for a week in early August. We had a great time! Ruby and Lucy loved having their big girl cousins around! We kept it pretty mellow, had some fun outings and managed to entertain ourselves and laugh a lot.
Along with Kathy, Harlan and Danielle J, we formed Westache! West Seattle's mustache club.
Group shot of all my favorite girls!
And best photo ever - the cat leaped just as I snapped the pic. Brilliant!

More of LA

Ah more pics from our trip from one month ago. Sheesh..I need to catch UP!
I fixed Ruby's hair in little buns. When she put on her sweater she insisted on wearing it backwards. She then looked like a little demented Princess Leia.
Me and Susana. Note my sunburn. This Seattle girl does not do sunblock well apparently.
The three girlies in the car

La La Land

At the end of July we hopped on a plane and went to LA to visit our Spanish friends who are staying there for the summer. They were right in Santa Monica so we had direct access to beach and shopping! The plane ride was nothing short of hell, as I discovered that Lucy does not take kindly to having to sit on a lap during take-off and landing. Time to buy that extra seat. That I had free tickets, meant that the flight was not direct and required changing planes. However, all were super nice on board and overall, the girls were great. I may be a little deaf in one ear now, but that's no biggie. We visited the promenade, checked out the Disney store, had ice cream and went to Malibu. Whoo hoo! We also hung out with the French so it was a multi-lingual adventure: Spanish, French, English and Swahili.
Ruby and Mario in front of the GIANT pitufo/smurf

Ruby and Mario carrying the surf board to the beach

Lucy had no interest in the water. She just wanted to hug the sand

Ruby got buried!

Beach Trip

The weekend after our trip to Idaho, we were invited to join our dear friends and neighbors at a beach house near Ocean Shores where we proceeded to have a wonderful time. It was a great little house and when Ruby and Kayla discovered their room with the twin beds, they ran joyously from room to room shouting, "This is the best day EVER!" That pretty much summed it up, yes? We had a lot of fun playing in the waves and making sandcastles. Poor Abby, the dog, was very protective of Lucy. At one point I was holding Lucy and walking into the water and Abby came running up to me, stood in front of me barking and jumping up, trying to get me to move away. it wasn't until I had Dara hold her far from the water that Abby felt she was out of danger. And now some photos:

Behind? We Aren't Behind! Right...?

Ok so it's been a while for a real update. July, as it turns out, was insanely busy. We spent a week at Grandma Genie's where we ate well and played hard. It was great fun to see Ruby and Jack pick up where they left off and to see Hannah show Lucy the ropes. Besides the usual Boise crew (the Cornell and Owens contingent) we also got a visit from our Auntie Marie and Gramma Rita and Auntie Nicole. It was awesome introducing Lucy to Auntie Marie and Ruby really enjoyed that she shared her pretty bling with her.

At one point, Grandma Genie who was sick on the couch, asked Lucy to bring her the box of tissues. Lucy looked at her and ran off and came back with two shoes. Well...they do sound alike!

Fourth of July was really fun. We had a little bbq at Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack's with all the doggies and then walked over to get a great view of the fireworks. It was pretty late so Lucy was starting to come a bit unravelled but as soon as they started, she was completely enthralled.

Lucy and Auntie Marie walking to the fireworks

Ruby and Jack, hand in hand

This was one of those little moments that you treasure forever: both girls snuggled with me on my lap while we watched the fireworks.

Ruby with Grandpa Jack

Silly Face!

An Ode to Laura Numeroff

If you give a waken baby a chupa chup* you might step on her older sister's hair (who is inexplicably sleeping on the floor), which might make her cry. If she cries, she might further waken the baby who might get her arm stuck in the bars of the crib. If she gets gets her arm stuck in the crib, you might have to turn on the light to figure out what's wrong, which might really wake them both up. If you get the baby's arm unstuck, the older one might still be crying so you'll need to cover her up and give her a kiss and a profuse apology. If the older one goes back to sleep, the baby will need her blanket and doggie and an extra cuddle. Then you will need to give the baby her chupa chup. Good night.

*chupa chup is what we call the pacifier.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Big Girl Haircut

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