Thursday, June 2, 2011

**Preschool Update**

Well, the girls seemed to have fared well at school yesterday. They came home happy and tired. When Ruby got home, she came in and said hello to everyone (we had guests) and then I asked her for her backpack to get the papers out of it. She said, "I hung it up!" and sure enough, there it was hanging on its own hook. Yay! Her teacher told me this morning that she did great yesterday, knows her numbers and letters really well and uses her words really well. So...yay again! Lucy lost her shizz again this morning. Threw herself on the floor and shrieked as only she can shriek. I gave her a big kiss and put her in the capable hands of her teacher. We'll see how long this separation anxiety thing lasts. Ruby, on the other hand, trotted off to put her backpack away and the last I saw of her, she was giving one of the teachers a big hug and I heard another girl exclaim, "Ruby's here!" So yeah...she's good.

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