Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Magy's last day was yesterday. We kept it very low-key and did not call it a "good-bye" only a "new direction." We wish our dear Magy the best! Uncle Harlan came over this morning for the big day. Ruby picked out her outfit and brushed her hair. They were being very silly as we got ready to walk out the door and making each other laugh. You will notice that Lucy got her first haircut as well. She refuses to wear barrettes for any length of time. The perpetual runny nose from the teething means her bangs were hanging down and getting glued to the snot. Ew. I had had enough of that and gave her some little bangs. She looks so grown up now!
The two girls and I walked up the hill (Ruby with her new big girl backpack) and Harlan met us at the top with the diapers and extra stuff we needed to bring for the first day. Both girls sat right down at the breakfast table with the other kids and were happy as clams. While I filled out paperwork, Ruby and the other "Older" (as her class is called) went into the classroom and Lucy finished up her second breakfast. I kissed Ruby good-bye and she was already getting to know everyone. I made the mistake of giving Lucy a kiss good-bye and she lost her marbles as I walked away. But, that's to be expected and lesson learned, mommy! All in all, it was super smooth. I was pretty organized so I hope to maintain that so that the mornings are calm. I will say, I appreciate more than ever how much I was spoiled by Magy!!

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Chandra said...

Glad you are making it through! The girls look so big; you're right about the haircut. Hope preschool is wonderful for your girls!