Monday, June 13, 2011

Cross Species Care

There was the nanny dog in Peter Pan, there is Good Dog Carl, there is Little Pink Pup but here we have "Saffron Nursing a Baby" for the win:
My favorite is how happy Saffron's face is while Lucy naps. Seriously. Best. Cat. Ever.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Which We Survive the Plague & Lucy Astounds

We had a fabulous weekend of playing the yard and enjoying the company of many of our friends, big and small. Then, we were hit (well, Ruby specifically) with the plague. Monday morning at 2am, Ruby woke up vomiting and continued to vomit every 1-2 hours until Monday night. Poor sweet monkey. She was so sad.... When I handed her the bucket, she said, "No thanks. I'll just hold my puke in." By Tuesday she had gotten better, the fever broke and she was feeling more chipper but began on the other end. Luckily, on Wednesday, she was able to stay with Kayla who was suffering the same malady since I am now officially out of sick leave. She was back to school on Thursday, just in time for the monthly bookmobile visit! Phew! Anyway, it was a bit of an ordeal and by Monday night, I was exhausted especially with the expectation of the night ahead. I was amused to hear her tell her dad, "Mommy gave me a pot to puke in." That's right sweet girl. We may be broke but we've got a pot to puke in!

Lucy went to school both days which was a huge relief because it meant only a few hours of keeping her away from Ruby. She sobs every time which is a little heartbreaking but I know she has a wonderful time there. Thankfully, Dara was able to help me with getting her there and picking her up so I didn't have to transport Ruby anywhere.

Lucy has had an explosion of words and it's delightful to watch her try to form the sounds. Shoe sounds like "Shhhh!" she also says "banana," "caca," "pipi," "MINE!" "more," "Ruby," (sounds like "moomy," "Mommy!" and my personal favorite, "Meow!" It's also hilarious because when you ask her a question, she will nod her head. She does a couple of signs, "all done" and "more" but she doesn't really quite do them correctly so I like to think she's got a bit of an ASL accent. Lucy also loves to help. She likes to feed the cats and knows right where her jacket goes when it's time to leave the house. She's also obsessed with buckles and will puzzle over her high chair buckle until she gets it connected.

The great thing is watching Ruby and Lucy play together now. They make each other laugh so hard!

After a big blueberry eating session
West Side Ladies
Fun at the beach

Beach Fun

Gorgeous weather here so we took a trip to the beach with Hank and his mama and some of their friends. It was a fun adventure for us all. We love summer!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

**Preschool Update**

Well, the girls seemed to have fared well at school yesterday. They came home happy and tired. When Ruby got home, she came in and said hello to everyone (we had guests) and then I asked her for her backpack to get the papers out of it. She said, "I hung it up!" and sure enough, there it was hanging on its own hook. Yay! Her teacher told me this morning that she did great yesterday, knows her numbers and letters really well and uses her words really well. So...yay again! Lucy lost her shizz again this morning. Threw herself on the floor and shrieked as only she can shriek. I gave her a big kiss and put her in the capable hands of her teacher. We'll see how long this separation anxiety thing lasts. Ruby, on the other hand, trotted off to put her backpack away and the last I saw of her, she was giving one of the teachers a big hug and I heard another girl exclaim, "Ruby's here!" So yeah...she's good.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Magy's last day was yesterday. We kept it very low-key and did not call it a "good-bye" only a "new direction." We wish our dear Magy the best! Uncle Harlan came over this morning for the big day. Ruby picked out her outfit and brushed her hair. They were being very silly as we got ready to walk out the door and making each other laugh. You will notice that Lucy got her first haircut as well. She refuses to wear barrettes for any length of time. The perpetual runny nose from the teething means her bangs were hanging down and getting glued to the snot. Ew. I had had enough of that and gave her some little bangs. She looks so grown up now!
The two girls and I walked up the hill (Ruby with her new big girl backpack) and Harlan met us at the top with the diapers and extra stuff we needed to bring for the first day. Both girls sat right down at the breakfast table with the other kids and were happy as clams. While I filled out paperwork, Ruby and the other "Older" (as her class is called) went into the classroom and Lucy finished up her second breakfast. I kissed Ruby good-bye and she was already getting to know everyone. I made the mistake of giving Lucy a kiss good-bye and she lost her marbles as I walked away. But, that's to be expected and lesson learned, mommy! All in all, it was super smooth. I was pretty organized so I hope to maintain that so that the mornings are calm. I will say, I appreciate more than ever how much I was spoiled by Magy!!