Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Transitions

It's been a busy time with the Miller girls these days. Partly it's because I have been working a lot lately but things should ease up here in a bit. Ruby is deep in the throes of the fours and while that brings certain challenges, it also brings constant amazement at what she is able to do and comprehend.

Anyway, Ruby is deep into the whole princess thing. Part of me is ok with it (and also recognizes my part in it - damn you Tangled!) but part of me is a bit dismayed...especially when she says things like, "I am Ariel. I am a mermaid and I'm going to get married!" Big sigh. However, I try to counteract it with stronger and more 3 dimensional male and female characters and hope that it starts to override some of the simplistic and creepy Disney junk.....and I say this as a long time lover of fairy tales, Disney movies, happy endings and eternal optimism.

But I digress. One of the funny things about Ruby is her intensity when playing pretend. Mother Gothel from Rapunzel has been changed to Mother Gother and applies to just about any of the villians in princess lore. She's very interested in assigning people to be the 'bad guy,' 'the prince' or 'the princess.' It's interesting to watch her categorize in this very black and white way.

Typical of her age, she tends to live deep in her little world, which makes asking her things extremely frustrating because she'll just not hear what you are saying OR she gets totally distracted (ooh! Shiny!) and never complete her task...like going to the bathroom, picking up her coat etc. I'm implemented "The Listening Ear," a drawing of an ear on paper and she gets a Disney Princess sticker (using it for all it's worth!) every time she responds to a request from me, her sister or anyone else the first time it is asked. So far it seems to be working! She is very into writing her name and letters and drawing pictures. Lately she's been making "blast offs" -- quick lines on paper and while it's ruined many a marker, her products are really cool.

Lucy is going through her own big changes. She's super inquisitive and adores being helpful. Give her a towel and she wipes the floor or her face. Ask her to throw something away and she tosses it in the trash and claps delightedly. It's so neat seeing how much she understands. She's also really into giving kisses which is super fantastic. She has a few words "ball" "baby" "mommy" and often says things that sound like words but I'm not sure if they are intentional or not. It's awesome!

As for transitions, we found out yesterday that our beloved Magy will be leaving us in a month to pursue a different career path that better utilizes her wonderful talents. To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement but I fully understand and support her decision. Now we must figure out a different childcare solution. Here's hoping we find someone half as wonderful as our dear Magy!

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