Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Forth!

It's been a busy few weeks with Grandma Genie in town and with Mama working so much but we've squeezed in a little fun here and there. We had a fun birthday party with our pal Eva on Sunday. Lucy was the youngest non-infant there and she managed to squeeze her way in with all the big kids. Here is she is in a quiet moment when she took a little break.
There was a face painter at the party and Ruby was thrilled with her unicorn. She's now at the age where she has perfected the fake smile but she's cute just the same :-) Mama and Uncle Harlan finally got their acts together and put together Ruby's birthday present -- a bicycle! On Friday, it was a really weird day and we had about 15 minutes of glorious sunshine for her to go out and ride it. Of course, it started to hail and we had to run inside. Still, Ruby is thrilled and we can't wait to go to a park where she can ride around and around. The girls are playing together a lot now and it's so fun to walk in on scenes like this: Ruby is going through a wonderful lovie phase right now - lots of hugs and affection and I am loving it! Lucy is climbing on everything -- couches, chairs, tables -- so I have to keep a really good eye on her! I have a feeling that the crib is going to be short lived from here on out!
More soon!

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