Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl Stats

The girls had their 4 year and 1 year check ups this past week. They both did fabulous!


Weight: 33 pounds (25%)

Height: 38 inches tall (15%)

She got FOUR shots and that girl was SO brave. Her eyes got really wide and she said, "OW!" and you could tell she was thinking about crying but she didn't and then sat up and said, "I was really brave!" Then she told Lucy to be brave even if she is just a baby. I can finally say with confidence that she is potty-trained because she goes to the bathroom independently. She has also started telling all kinds of stories. Some are off-the wall: "Mommy, I love Justin Bieber." I asked her what she likes about him (while my soul dies a little) and she says, "Harry Potter." Some are just stories of things she's done throughout the day. She asks a million questions about everything and she recites poetry. My current favorite is, "Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curves away." We visited some friends this weekend and she was brilliant with her pleases and thank yous so it appears she's been listening and taking things in. She is a superstar girl!
Ruby on the day of her birth
Ruby 4 years old

Weight: 20 pounds 13 oz (50%)

Height: 29 inches (50%)

This one also got 4 shots and she screamed like the dickens! However, up until that point, she was charming the pants off everyone in the office. She ran up to our nurse, Sarah, with her arms out the minute we got there. At one point, while we were dealing with Ruby's shots, we turned around and Lucy had taken off her gown and her diaper and was running around totally naked. Like I say, can't turn your back on her for a second. When she got her shots, Ruby held her hand and stared at the needles going into her leg with her eyes wide wide wide. I am glad we had Ruby go first! She's got 5 teeth (two bottom and three up top) with one more just days away from cutting through. So far, I've been very lucky as teething doesn't seem to bother her too much. Phew! We are down to one bottle a day and she's starting to use a real cup! So yeah, she's growing up and like any mother, I have mixed feelings about it. "Oh she's so grown up! Stop growing and stay a baby! Your using a cup! Stay a baby!" You know..age old story...
Lucy at 2 weeks
Lucy at 1 year
Hooray for healthy wonderful girls!!

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