Friday, January 7, 2011

More on Lucy's Birthday

Lucy's birthday was a long and lengthy celebration. We went to two parties that day and I brought a cake to one and everyone there sang to her and wished her a happy day. She was so confused! But it was lovely having so many people singing and giving her the good ju ju. The following day, Auntie Danielle came by with Uncle Ian and brought cupcakes! It was a little mini celebration but such fun!
Message to Lucy on her birthday: "I love you sweet girl and am so happy to celebrate your first birthday! You are a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest day and nothing will take away from my joy of the day you were born!"
Now for pictures!:
Yummy chocolate cake!
Um..what is going on?
Someone just discovered frosting!!
Eating cake like it's her job.
She likes yellow cake too!
PS: Lucy has had a bit of a cold which is why she looks a little W.C. Fields in these pictures...

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