Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News From the Girls

Oh my goodness..there so much to tell and I have been seriously behind in my posting. Here goes!
Ruby is really looking forward to Christmas. We have a little elf on the shelf named Rudolph (Ruby's choice) who keeps in eye on things. Last week we had an early visit from Santa who put Christmas lights up on our house so he'd be able to find us. Ruby was beyond thrilled at the early visit and said, "I love Santa, really a lot!" We all do sweet girl! I had to do a little detective work to find Santa to thank him but I did it :-) We got a nativity scene that is child-friendly and she loves to play with it. I gave her a brief summary of the story of the nativity and she's added to that, letting Strawberry Shortcake, Pete the Cat and Spiderman visit the "Mes-aye-na" (rhymes with carolina) as she calls him. The other Christmas tradition is watching the old holiday shows on TV. We've seen Frosty the Snowman (not as good as I remember), Rudolph (I still love it but more aware of what a jerk Santa is on this show) and Santa Clause is Coming to Town (so far our favorite because we like to say "Burgermeister Meisterburger. He hates toys!" Ruby has become a complete chatterbox and tells the most amazing little stories. A few days ago she told me the entire plot of The Wizard of Oz. We also went to see Tangled, the new Disney movie. It was her first movie and she loved it. For the record, so did I! She's been really a big girl about using the potty and figuring out when she needs to go. She's also learned to make her bed, which we are encouraging each morning.
Miss Lucy is now a full fledged walker with two little bottom teeth. She loves to run around and play chase. She still loves soft fuzzy things, her favorites being her "My First Doll," her snuggle doll and any pillow she can find. I often find her in the living room after she's pulled the pillows off the sofa and is lying down of top of them, rubbing her face on them. She loves doing the same to the cat. Thank goodness we have a tolerant cat! Lucy is also a fan of handbags (I know-- it's in her genes!). She goes straight to the purse basket where I keep Ruby's purses and puts one on each arm and runs around. It's really really really cute!

Ok, that' s best I've got right now. I'll write more soon! I promise!

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