Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Part II

For the actual Christmas holiday, we hopped on a plane and headed to Boise to stay with Grandma Genie. There we visited, laughed, ate and ate some more. Poor Lucy was sick with a head cold and cough so there were some moments where she wasn't too happy. Lucky for her, Grandma is a superstar and went out and found some baby tylenol at 10pm on Christmas night. The girls got homemade dolls from Grandma as well as some cds of records that I used to listen to. Super fun! It was a delightful, happy and relaxing holiday and we got to see so many of our favorite people! Some funny & sweet stories of the weekend:
  • Jack talking about Mary and Jesus going to "Buffalo Ham." We think that might be near Pennsylvania?
  • Ruby and Jack playing with the nativity and the Rapunzel Barbie. Rapunzel let down her long hair for the Three Wise Men to climb up into the lamp.
  • Lucy burying her face into Lis, Amy's golden retriever
  • Lucy toddling over to everyone with her hands held out, begging to be snuggled.
  • Hearing the kids sing Jingle Bells & Frosty in the car
  • Ruby telling me, "Today is a day of good," on Christmas day.
  • Ruby telling me this morning, "I'm a lucky girl. So's Lucy. So are you!" She's right on all counts.
Here are some shots of the weekend:
Baking Cookies Silly times with Jack Lucy put herself to bed...on the floor. What Santa left at our house...

Me and Amy and all the kids....

And Lucy effectively wrapping Papa Dave around her little finger....

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