Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Part I

Oh Christmas! It snuck up on us and then we reveled like crazy for a week! What fun!
We had a delicious lasagna dinner with Uncle Harlan and Auntie Danielle and exchange some gifts. We also ate lots of Christmas cookies.
Why so serious, Lucy?

Uncle Nick and Auntie Heather came over for dinner another night and Nick entertained the kids by reading, "The Wicked Big Toddlah" and explaining the Maine accent to them.

Ruby and Carden decorated Christmas trees! And then...oh then...a special package arrived from Uncle Jay and Ruby was Over. The. Moon. Here she is playing with her super special, super pink, super princess-y vanity/piano.

Composing songs of lace, diamonds and big hair....

And this is just a picture of Lucy that showcases some of her expressions that kind of make you think she holds the secrets to the universe but just isn't telling.....

We also had an early surprise visit from Santa leading up to Christmas. He came and put up Christmas lights on our house so he could find us on Christmas Eve! Ruby was thrilled that he had come early and left such a nice surprise! I had to do a little detective work to figure out who our Santa's helper was :-) More to come....

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