Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some More Tidbits

Earlier last month we had the opportunity to go to see Disney on Ice with Kayla and her family. It was really quite fun -- Disney knows how to do it up. Ruby got all dolled up: And THIS was her face for almost the entire thing. I think she liked it! She didn't utter a word during the entire performance just stared and stared.
Lucy is still a little under the weather but still happy as ever. Last night she ate her weight in Ethiopian food. She was grabbing it by the handful and couldn't get enough. Of course, when she was done there was a pile of injeera and lentils surrounding her chair. Luckily the lady at the restaurant was very understanding!
Lucy trapped underneath the stool. Yet still happy.
Ruby wearing Mama's boots

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Part II

For the actual Christmas holiday, we hopped on a plane and headed to Boise to stay with Grandma Genie. There we visited, laughed, ate and ate some more. Poor Lucy was sick with a head cold and cough so there were some moments where she wasn't too happy. Lucky for her, Grandma is a superstar and went out and found some baby tylenol at 10pm on Christmas night. The girls got homemade dolls from Grandma as well as some cds of records that I used to listen to. Super fun! It was a delightful, happy and relaxing holiday and we got to see so many of our favorite people! Some funny & sweet stories of the weekend:
  • Jack talking about Mary and Jesus going to "Buffalo Ham." We think that might be near Pennsylvania?
  • Ruby and Jack playing with the nativity and the Rapunzel Barbie. Rapunzel let down her long hair for the Three Wise Men to climb up into the lamp.
  • Lucy burying her face into Lis, Amy's golden retriever
  • Lucy toddling over to everyone with her hands held out, begging to be snuggled.
  • Hearing the kids sing Jingle Bells & Frosty in the car
  • Ruby telling me, "Today is a day of good," on Christmas day.
  • Ruby telling me this morning, "I'm a lucky girl. So's Lucy. So are you!" She's right on all counts.
Here are some shots of the weekend:
Baking Cookies Silly times with Jack Lucy put herself to bed...on the floor. What Santa left at our house...

Me and Amy and all the kids....

And Lucy effectively wrapping Papa Dave around her little finger....

Christmas Part I

Oh Christmas! It snuck up on us and then we reveled like crazy for a week! What fun!
We had a delicious lasagna dinner with Uncle Harlan and Auntie Danielle and exchange some gifts. We also ate lots of Christmas cookies.
Why so serious, Lucy?

Uncle Nick and Auntie Heather came over for dinner another night and Nick entertained the kids by reading, "The Wicked Big Toddlah" and explaining the Maine accent to them.

Ruby and Carden decorated Christmas trees! And then...oh then...a special package arrived from Uncle Jay and Ruby was Over. The. Moon. Here she is playing with her super special, super pink, super princess-y vanity/piano.

Composing songs of lace, diamonds and big hair....

And this is just a picture of Lucy that showcases some of her expressions that kind of make you think she holds the secrets to the universe but just isn't telling.....

We also had an early surprise visit from Santa leading up to Christmas. He came and put up Christmas lights on our house so he could find us on Christmas Eve! Ruby was thrilled that he had come early and left such a nice surprise! I had to do a little detective work to figure out who our Santa's helper was :-) More to come....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Conversations with Ruby

In the car while listening to "My Favorite Things" on the radio: Me: What are some of your favorite things, Ruby?

Ruby: Binoculars

Me: What else?

Ruby: Trash I need to rethink this whole Christmas gift thing.

Same trip with Ruby asking questions about EVERYTHING i.e. "why are there sidewalks?" "What if there were no trees?":

Ruby: Why do we have hands?

Me: Well, they are very useful. Our hands help us dress, eat and do other things. How do you think you would eat if you didn't have hands.

Ruby is silent for a moment and then gravely says: "No cheese."

So there you have it. We must all be thankful that we have hands and can eat cheese. Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News From the Girls

Oh my goodness..there so much to tell and I have been seriously behind in my posting. Here goes!
Ruby is really looking forward to Christmas. We have a little elf on the shelf named Rudolph (Ruby's choice) who keeps in eye on things. Last week we had an early visit from Santa who put Christmas lights up on our house so he'd be able to find us. Ruby was beyond thrilled at the early visit and said, "I love Santa, really a lot!" We all do sweet girl! I had to do a little detective work to find Santa to thank him but I did it :-) We got a nativity scene that is child-friendly and she loves to play with it. I gave her a brief summary of the story of the nativity and she's added to that, letting Strawberry Shortcake, Pete the Cat and Spiderman visit the "Mes-aye-na" (rhymes with carolina) as she calls him. The other Christmas tradition is watching the old holiday shows on TV. We've seen Frosty the Snowman (not as good as I remember), Rudolph (I still love it but more aware of what a jerk Santa is on this show) and Santa Clause is Coming to Town (so far our favorite because we like to say "Burgermeister Meisterburger. He hates toys!" Ruby has become a complete chatterbox and tells the most amazing little stories. A few days ago she told me the entire plot of The Wizard of Oz. We also went to see Tangled, the new Disney movie. It was her first movie and she loved it. For the record, so did I! She's been really a big girl about using the potty and figuring out when she needs to go. She's also learned to make her bed, which we are encouraging each morning.
Miss Lucy is now a full fledged walker with two little bottom teeth. She loves to run around and play chase. She still loves soft fuzzy things, her favorites being her "My First Doll," her snuggle doll and any pillow she can find. I often find her in the living room after she's pulled the pillows off the sofa and is lying down of top of them, rubbing her face on them. She loves doing the same to the cat. Thank goodness we have a tolerant cat! Lucy is also a fan of handbags (I know-- it's in her genes!). She goes straight to the purse basket where I keep Ruby's purses and puts one on each arm and runs around. It's really really really cute!

Ok, that' s best I've got right now. I'll write more soon! I promise!