Friday, November 12, 2010

Teeth! Walking! Writing!

At just over 10 months our littlest pussycat has sprouted a little tooth. Hooray! does make me sad to know that her sweet toothless grinn will be no more but I comfort myself knowing it will soon be a sweet toothy grin.
She has also started walking in earnest now. She's still at the stage where she crawls for speed but works on walking all of the time. It's so cute to see her toddling around like she's a big kid. Sometimes, when she falls down she laughs and claps. This is a good life lesson for us all. When we fall down, just laugh and clap and get right back up. If only we were all so cute while we did it....
Ruby is so close to being 4 and announces her birthday whenever the topic of age comes up. She is so helpful and grown-up, it makes my heart ache a little to see it and to remember how she was just a wee peanut shrieking, "do it yourself!" such a short time ago. She is increasingly interested in letters and words and writes her own name as well as recognizes my name and Lucy's name. She is also a marvelous little artist and loves to draw people and scenes all of the time. If I have paper and a pen handy, I know I have a good 30 minutes to get something done (dinner, shower, what-have-you). She's also got a great sense of humor (how could she not considering her lineage) and loves to tell her own jokes. Yesterday, while driving by this house in our neighborhood that is completely done up in Christmas (they started just before Halloween) she started laughing and said, "Mommy! It's not even Christmas yet!!" That's my girl.
Ruby playing pinball at Full Tilt. She had just scarfed a chocolate ice cream cone. She knows how to have fun.

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Chandra said...

Oh, Full Tilt, how we miss you! Ruby does indeed know how to have fun. And Ms. Lu is looking so big and grown up for a baby, wise beyond her years if you take my meaning.