Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walking the Walk

Lucy took her first steps today! She's been increasingly good at standing on her nown and then on Thursday, at Spanish story time, she was holding onto a chair and let go and took a step and then realized what she'd done and sat right down. After that, while standing she would just bend her legs and dance up and down until she fell down. And then, tonight, she figured out what she's suppposed to do. My friend Catherine and her husband came over for dinner (and to fix my shower -hooray!) with their sweet kiddos, Celine and Luke, and I thinkLucy was trying to impress those big girls. While they all played, Lucy took two steps at two separate times. You can see that she knows she's supposed to do something but can't quite make her legs do it yet but she's really really trying! I'll try to get a video up soon if I can capture it. It's so cute and she's SO excited! And so am I! I like walking SO much more than crawling. Go go Lucy girl!!

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