Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Slow Posting Batman!

Sorry for such a long delay between posts. To say that things have been crazy and busy and full of bullshittery would be an understatement. However, I post these photos of the cuties to appease you, my loyal readers, and will intersperse some commentary in between as I can.
Our fair Lucy who has no teeth but is ready to walk on her own two feet at any moment. She is so happy and excitable and moves like crazy. Diaper changes are like trying to diaper a cat. Ruby and her sister love each other though sometimes that translates into beating each other up. Already! We've had a few adventures these past few weeks. I was on furlough so I took that time for Ruby and I to have an afternoon of fun, just the two of us, while Lucy played with a friend and her two boys. Our dear friends, The Andersons, are moving in down the street from us. So here's a photo of all the "neighbor girls." Lucy, full of smiles, chewing on her favorite rattle.
More too come soon, I promise!

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