Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Funny Stuff and News

Ok first the news -- At 8 months, minus one week, Lucy has begun crawling for realsies! Know what this means? I have to sweep and Ruby needs to keep her Barbie junk picked up. She is SO thrilled to be able to get at whatever she needs...which is usually something to grab and pull herself up on. Below is a picture of our two girls wearing their matching hats from Auntie Yvonne. Ruby's got a divot on her nose from an unfortunate encounter with a window sill: While in Idaho, Ruby was very excited about sleeping in the tent with the big girls. However, my city-slicker daughter came in the house after about 30 minutes saying she was afraid of "the cows and the crickets"soooo... note to self: we must go camping! Since the meteor shower was the day before we arrived in Idaho, there was much talk of shooting stars. Ruby was excited to tell me all about the "shoo stars" and how these stars "will shoot you!" We had a short talk about that.

After we got home from Idaho, we went swimming with our friend, Jane who was kind enough to be our second set of hands. SO fun! Lucy about went out of her mind, she loved the water so much. She kept splashing and laughing and giggling everytime the water hit her in the face. Ruby, on the other, hand, needs swim lessons again because she was terrified the entire time and never let go of my neck. Funny how things change!

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