Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Idaho Sunshine

We spent some time in Idaho's glorious sunshine and in Grandma Genie's even more glorious garden. It was several days of playing and enjoying each others company and, as Ruby put it, 'eating lots of snacks!' We visited a splash park and happened upon a free little festival with clowns, hot dogs, a bounce house and music. The kids all played together like it was their job..and it is. Ruby enjoyed trying to get Hannah to submit to her will. Jack told us all about the farm and his crops. They laughed and were silly. I got to relax like I haven't in...I don't know how long. Even got some naps in. Me! Naps! Bliss. We had many visitors while we basked in the sun and ate food fresh from the garden. The cousins, the uncles, the aunts, the grandmas and grandpas...we had it all. Grandma Rita and the cousins, Estelle and Sienna came up. My brother Cooper and his girlfriend Destiny were there. Harlan was there. And then the local contingent -- Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Amy, Hannah and Jack, Jinny and Dennis, John and Jenny, Emily, Alan...it was like a really fun and not-stressful family reunion. We even got to meet Ruth Ann aka GG, Jack and Hannah's great-grandma. Ruby enjoyed her quite a bit as they shared a bit of cheese..and by shared, I mean Ruby ate it and let Ruth Ann hold her on her lap. It was all so lovely and so good for all three of us!

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