Sunday, August 1, 2010

Enjoying the Summer Days

Summer did indeed finally arrive and we have been trying to take advantage of every nice minute. There has been a lot going on, so we haven't done nearly the number of things we were planning on doing but we appreciate every second anyway. Lucy had a huge developmental spurt in the past week. She started rolling over while she sleeps (no more lying on the bed!), teething continues (with no signs of teeth), she pulls herself up on things and she seems to have gotten more hair. She was having trouble sleeping through the night for awhile (new skills? teeth?) but has settled down a bit, thank goodness. Ruby has been a supremely helpful little soul lately, clearing the supper table, doing dishes and cleaning up "messes." We've been working on listening a lot as this has been a bit of a challenge of late. She has been telling a lot of stories about things she does during the day and things that happened in the past. She still tells the tale of falling out of the hammock and getting a shiner and how the hamburger made her feel better as well as the story of the gorilla on the motorcycle in the parade. Her potty training is going very well and we have many more dry days than not. Mostly the nots are when I forget to remind her to go. Grandma Rita came for a week-long visit which was so nice. The girls loved having her here and Ruby especially liked having another person around to play games with. The slide and pool have been put to good use and we've very much enjoyed having the option of lazing in the yard and playing. Fun summer days!

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