Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ruby's Ditty

Today, on our way home from crafty time, Ruby sang this song: "Cars! Cars have wheels. The wheels make the cars go. If they didn't have wheels they'd just be chairs. There's a boat. It's not in the water. It's behind a car." Pretty much a song about being on the road. Someone needs to put this on an album. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Funny Stuff and News

Ok first the news -- At 8 months, minus one week, Lucy has begun crawling for realsies! Know what this means? I have to sweep and Ruby needs to keep her Barbie junk picked up. She is SO thrilled to be able to get at whatever she needs...which is usually something to grab and pull herself up on. Below is a picture of our two girls wearing their matching hats from Auntie Yvonne. Ruby's got a divot on her nose from an unfortunate encounter with a window sill: While in Idaho, Ruby was very excited about sleeping in the tent with the big girls. However, my city-slicker daughter came in the house after about 30 minutes saying she was afraid of "the cows and the crickets"soooo... note to self: we must go camping! Since the meteor shower was the day before we arrived in Idaho, there was much talk of shooting stars. Ruby was excited to tell me all about the "shoo stars" and how these stars "will shoot you!" We had a short talk about that.

After we got home from Idaho, we went swimming with our friend, Jane who was kind enough to be our second set of hands. SO fun! Lucy about went out of her mind, she loved the water so much. She kept splashing and laughing and giggling everytime the water hit her in the face. Ruby, on the other, hand, needs swim lessons again because she was terrified the entire time and never let go of my neck. Funny how things change!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catching Up

We've been so busy since we've gotten back from Idaho, I feel like I haven't had time to catch my breath. My work furlough is coming up though so I am hoping I will have a chance to sit back and relax a little bit. This week we had our first visit to the old folks' home. There is a retirement/assisted living home about 2 blocks from our house. Ruby, Lucy and I are volunteering to go and visit the residents there once or twice a month. It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I think it's going to be good for all of us. When we got there, it was about 6 ladies sitting in a circle while the activities director read their horoscopes. They brightened right up when we got there. Ruby went on a little walk with one woman and saw some yellow flowers. I passed Lucy around the circles and the ladies made her smile and kissed her on the head and kept her from chewing on their emergency "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up" necklaces. They were so happy to see the girls. Ruby showed them her twirl and told them about her "friend Kayla." When we did leave, one woman grabbed my hand and said, "Thank you for bringing your babies!" It was a lot of fun!

In another feel-good moment, I was walking down the street on Thursday with Lucy in her carrier and Ruby holding my hand and this older couple stopped me as we walked by and the woman said, "You have the most beautiful family!" and I thought..."I really do!" Lucy is seen here holding a special rattle from Australia brought to her by our dear friend Shannon (Ruby's favorite librarian - she even outranks ME!). It is hand carved and Lucy ADORES it. Lucy is really anxious to get on the move though it appears that she just wants to skip this whole crawling thing altogether. She gets on her hands and knees, in crawling form...and then gets on her feet so she's doing the downward facing dog yoga move and then tries to move forward that way. Doesn't quite work but she's really really trying.

My other favorite thing is that when she sees me when I get home at the end of the day, her entire body is happy. She laughs, claps her hands and bounces up and down. I heart that.....

Oh man...I thought Ruby used to talk a lot before...she is a crazy talker these days and has the greatest inflection in her voice when telling her stories. She was telling me about the sonic boom (the one that freaked us all out last week) today and how it was really loud and made her very nervous "just like Dawn's tv" (referencing an incident that happened in February). I love to watch her little mind work and see how she figures out the order of things in the world.

Well, we'll keep updating especially as things calm down a bit around here (hopefully!). More soon...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Idaho Sunshine

We spent some time in Idaho's glorious sunshine and in Grandma Genie's even more glorious garden. It was several days of playing and enjoying each others company and, as Ruby put it, 'eating lots of snacks!' We visited a splash park and happened upon a free little festival with clowns, hot dogs, a bounce house and music. The kids all played together like it was their job..and it is. Ruby enjoyed trying to get Hannah to submit to her will. Jack told us all about the farm and his crops. They laughed and were silly. I got to relax like I haven't in...I don't know how long. Even got some naps in. Me! Naps! Bliss. We had many visitors while we basked in the sun and ate food fresh from the garden. The cousins, the uncles, the aunts, the grandmas and grandpas...we had it all. Grandma Rita and the cousins, Estelle and Sienna came up. My brother Cooper and his girlfriend Destiny were there. Harlan was there. And then the local contingent -- Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Amy, Hannah and Jack, Jinny and Dennis, John and Jenny, Emily, was like a really fun and not-stressful family reunion. We even got to meet Ruth Ann aka GG, Jack and Hannah's great-grandma. Ruby enjoyed her quite a bit as they shared a bit of cheese..and by shared, I mean Ruby ate it and let Ruth Ann hold her on her lap. It was all so lovely and so good for all three of us!

Imitating Kitty

Lucy likes to mimic what she sees. Here, she does her best imitation of Sparrow cleaning her tush. As long as she doesn't ACTUALLY start licking herself, I think we'll be ok.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucy With....

...a bunch of people! Lucy met a number of people when we went to Idaho over the weekend. I got a few photos of some of the people she got to meet:
with Auntie Jinny
with Grandma Grace
with Grandma Genie (ok, so technically they've met before but..cute picture!)
with Grandpa Jack
with Uncle Christopher
with Uncle Cooper
with Sienna (cousin)
with Estelle (cousin)
The girls also met Destiny, Emily and Ruth Ann and Lucy got to know Dennis and John. Truly an exciting weekend for them both! More on our trip soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music in the Park

A park near our house has weekly music concerts in the evening. We met up with several of our friends, had a picnic dinner and let the kids dance. Here are Ruby and Kayla getting down.
Here's a video. I think Ruby has a little Elaine Benis going on...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Are In For It Now!

Dear Lucy woke up at 4:30am today. "Ugh!" I groaned, wondering just what the hell she was doing up so early. She was getting increasingly frantic and when I got to her room, I found her on her hands and knees, rocking and crying. So, I put her back down on her back, gave her the chupa chup and her baby, covered her up and left the room. Within minutes she was back to the rocking. So...after about 30 minutes of this routine, I finally decided it might be time for an early breakfast. I gave her a bottle and hoped for sleep. Once she'd polished off the bottle, she was back at it for another 30 minutes before she FINALLY fell back to sleep. By that time, I had 30 minutes before my alarm went off so I got up, made a pot of strong coffee and got in the shower. Makes for a tired, tired mama. Here's hoping that this will be a short-lived nighttime happening!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saying Good-bye to Grandma

Ruby and Lucy's great-grandma, Grandma Gavin, passed away last Saturday. Ruby was lucky enough to meet her a couple of times and I am really glad that I had the opportunity to know her as well. She was a strong and amazing woman who will be missed by everyone in her family. Here are some photos from the times that Ruby met her, once in November 2007 and then again in May 2009. That second photo includes Ruby and Lucy's cousin, Kierin.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where We Are

We are adjusting to our new normal and, right now, I am just looking at "where we are" not where we've been or where we are going. It seems to be easier this way. The girls seem to be adjusting pretty well to our household's reduction from 4 to 3. Lucy, of course, is none the wiser but Ruby has made some observations, notably yesterday while I was making coffee and she said, "I brought my daddy coffee but he's not here now. Just my mommy." I assured her she can still bring him coffee and I won't mind if she brings me some too! She's an astute little girl, this one. They do get lots of daddy time which they thoroughly enjoy. Last weekend he took them to see their favorite local kid band, Recess Monkey and they've had many a park adventure as well. My wish is that this will be a mere blip in their little lives. They are fortunate little girls to have a mommy and daddy that love them dearly, not to mention countless grandparents, aunties and uncles and little friends! Ruby loves to help out around the house. She is very good about making sure the kitties are fed and loves to help with the laundry and the dishes. She was so proud of herself yesterday for cleaning the lint trap and putting the wet clothes in the dryer! Her daddy got her a microphone and she loves to sing and sing and sing into it. We've witnessed many a concert here at our house! Hopefully, the Bieber Fever won't hit us and we can stick with the Beatles and Recess Monkey! Lucy gets stronger every day and I won't be surprised if she is full-on crawling in a week or two. She is now imitating our facial gestures as well as our vocalizations. And I can't even tell you how much she loves watching Ruby -- you can see her brain taking notes of everything! I said she got some more hair -here's a picture with her first pony tail!:
We are looking forward to the weekend for some sunny adventures!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Enjoying the Summer Days

Summer did indeed finally arrive and we have been trying to take advantage of every nice minute. There has been a lot going on, so we haven't done nearly the number of things we were planning on doing but we appreciate every second anyway. Lucy had a huge developmental spurt in the past week. She started rolling over while she sleeps (no more lying on the bed!), teething continues (with no signs of teeth), she pulls herself up on things and she seems to have gotten more hair. She was having trouble sleeping through the night for awhile (new skills? teeth?) but has settled down a bit, thank goodness. Ruby has been a supremely helpful little soul lately, clearing the supper table, doing dishes and cleaning up "messes." We've been working on listening a lot as this has been a bit of a challenge of late. She has been telling a lot of stories about things she does during the day and things that happened in the past. She still tells the tale of falling out of the hammock and getting a shiner and how the hamburger made her feel better as well as the story of the gorilla on the motorcycle in the parade. Her potty training is going very well and we have many more dry days than not. Mostly the nots are when I forget to remind her to go. Grandma Rita came for a week-long visit which was so nice. The girls loved having her here and Ruby especially liked having another person around to play games with. The slide and pool have been put to good use and we've very much enjoyed having the option of lazing in the yard and playing. Fun summer days!