Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer is Here! Or is it?

We had summer for a few days and then it was gone...and then it came back...and then left. Lately the mornings have been cool and then the afternoons and evening totally gorgeous. In my mind, mid-70's is perfect weather. The girls have been enjoying lots of time at the wading pools and park, the zoo and the beach. Ruby has also been enjoying her new clubhouse that's now a delightful shade of both purple and pink. We've been to a bbq, had amazing playdates with Hank, Carden and Kayla and we've baked some delicious goodies together. The girls joined their aunties and uncles at the Pride Parade to watch their mum march with the bookcart drill team. Ruby's highlight was the motorcycle with the gorilla on it. Still talking about that one...

We've had a few challenges in the past week or two. Our beloved Fritz cat departed into the wild blue yonder last Monday and is sorely missed. Mama got a flat tire but that was promptly and efficiently fixed by Uncle Clint (of chicken fame if you ask Ruby). We've also had some household changes as the Dad has decided upon a different path for his life and, though still a presence in the girls' life, is no longer living with us. We are adjusting and holding our own though and the girls and I are enjoying the simple and fun things together. Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Lucy and Uncle Harlan at Pride 2010
Say what?
Lucy and Maggie the Dog
Sacked out in the armchair. I know -- she looks so cozy!
Ruby and Auntie Danielle watching the parade

Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 Months!

Our fair Lucy turned 6 months on July 1st and she just had her check up this week. Stats: 15lbs 15 oz 25 inches 16 inch head circ
Super star!
She's totally healthy, chubby and one of THE happiest babies I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I am not kidding. She really only cries when tired or hungry. She's been eating all kinds of food and LOVES to eat -- sweet potatoes being her favorite so far. When placed on her stomach, she raises herself up all the way off the floor. I think crawling isn't too far off! She's also got some sweet pilates moves, where she lies on her back and lifts her head and feet up. Strong girl!
Here I go! It's hard work being this cute