Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Up

Lots of changes happening with our little monkeys these days. Grandma Genie was here this past weekend and the goal was potty training! She spent 4 straight days sitting in the bathroom, plying our girl with bribes and encouragement. Progress was made and, here on day 6, she's still in underwear though she hasn't pooped for 2 days now. However, when she does pee on the potty, the pride in her face shines and I think (hope) that full-on potty using will be imminent. A fluffy black and hot pink tutu awaits for our big girl when she finally poops on the potty. Fingers crossed..... Lucy is also passing some developmental milestones. She's sitting up, for one. She loves to sit and chew her toys either surrounded by pillows or in the high chair. She also started solids yesterday. See her face for her first taste of avocado? Mmm...and today she had some rice cereal. She loved it! Kept grabbing the spoon and opening her mouth wide for more like a little birdy. Only disadvantage is that since she's still spitting up, now we get additional chunks. Yummy. Anyway, we had a lovely time with Grandma Genie and were so sad to see her go!! And now, here's to successfully passing more milestones!

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