Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Girls

It's been a madcap few weeks around here! What's new? Ruby is getting funnier by the minute. She's been really thinking about things she's saying and being conscious of the world around her. Yesterday, while leaving a store, she stopped and said, "I forgot my hat!" and ran back in, found the hat and plonked it on her head. I was so impressed that she remembered to keep track of it! Better than her mama! She also told me the other day, "Mommy, I am so proud of you for taking me to your library!" Love the positive feedback girl! She's been really into music lately and loves to dance in her room to her cds and play the harmonica. Her favorites are cds by Carol Peterson, Recess Monkey, the Beatles and the Tripwires. We've also been checking out kits from the library that are a picture book with a cd of the story. She loves to sit and look at the book while listening. Her current favorite is Shrek by William Steig and a version of the Princess and the Pea. Our fair Lucy is just past 4 months and a smiling, giggling ball of love. She is so interested in the other kids and they crack her up. Oh how I wish you could bottle that sound! She's also started grabbing things and figuring out that they can go in her mouth. She's been especially drooly of late and gnawing on her hands so I am thinking that we may be seeing some teething action in the near future. Miss Lucy is also quite the chatterbox -- learning early on that she'll have to be proactive at getting a word in around here! Another favorite for her is she's learned to do a rasberry which gets lots of laughs and attention from the rest of us!

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