Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Another whirlwind week! The weather has been somewhat nice so we've been having adventures outside. Ruby and Kayla discovered they could get into large backyard of our elderly next-door neighbor and have adventures. They love to run through her tall grass! Lucy has discovered her feet and is really trying to make those hands work. She grabs things and puts them into her mouth. Her favorite things are the shiny rattle and the plastic rings. When she gets hungry she blows rasberries. Today, I left her diaper off for a bit. I went to drop off some laundry and came back up and she had pooped EVERYWHERE. She had it on her legs, her hands, her face...ew! Into the bath she went. I was congratulating myself on not getting it all over my shirt until I got to work and realized that I had some on my pants. Classy! A co-worker of Dustin's gave us his kids' swingset so that project has been keeping the daddy busy for the past couple of weeks as he dismantled it and then put it back together in our yard. This weekend they hope to paint it. What color? Pink of course! Ruby's newest thing is telling and re-telling stories. She's also so excited about helping out with things around the house. She loves to do dishes (pour water into various containers), clean the kitchen (use the spray bottle and a rag) and feed the cats. We are working on identifying feelings and appropriate vs inappropriate ways to express the feelings i.e. don't scream when someone doesn't understand the word you are saying. Sheesh. We are excited for summer to finally arrive so we can start doing all of our fun summer activities!

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