Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Kind that Go, "Raar!"

Ruby is going through an explosion of something these days. You can literally see the wheels turning in her head and you'd probably be able to hear them too if she ever stopped talking. She loves to sing and dance all the time and is very into writing these days. Of course, she's become very adept at ignoring and stalling, so we're dealing with that and sometimes wishing we had a dungeon..ha ha! Kidding! I kid! Lately she's been waking up saying she had dreams about monsters. What kind? The kind that say, "Raar!" of course. She is also a great little caregiver as you can see here: Lucy is great and just about 14 weeks old. She loves sitting up in the Bumbo seat and playing on her playmat. She LOVES to eat and will pretty much lose her marbles if she's hungry and the food is not instantaneously available. She also laughs and smiles all of the time which is simply delightful. She's been a great sleeper so far (knock on wood) and will sleep just about anywhere as you can see. One reason why I love this age!

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