Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adios March!

March was a super busy month! So, I will quickly update on where the two girls are these days. Ruby is in LOVE with this CD called "Stinky Cake" and she listens to it non-stop all day and night. It's a fun kid CD and even though we've heard it a million times we haven't tired of it too much - ha ha! Ruby is also way into writing these days and can write several letters including all of those in her name. She also loves pointing out stop signs/octagons. She till loves being a big sister and reads to Lucy and helps her grasp her toys and telling her, "It's ok. I'm here!" when she cries.
At the park with Moosie
Two sisters
Lucy is now 13 weeks old and smiles like crazy. She loves to smile and talk to you and gets really upset if you walk away when she's talking. She likes having soft things on her face and will fall asleep almost immediately if you put her lovey next to her cheek. She's strong enough now that we've brought out the Bumbo and she loves to be able to sit up with all of us. She is sleeping really well (hurray!) and we have a hard time believing she's already 3 months old! To help with the transition when I went back to work, Gramma Rita came for a visit. It was such fun having her around and we hope she comes back really soon! Here they are reading together. And yes, I went back to work. So far, the transition has been just fine. It's easier the second time. Unfortunately, breastfeeding isn't going all that well and my supply is way down. But Lucy is thriving so I am not too worried and I'm just going to hang in as best I can at this point. I will admit that there's a part of me that really wants to give up pumping - ugh! Here is Lucy in the bumbo fast asleep. Poor gal!

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