Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit with Grandma Genie

We had a nice long visit with Grandma Genie who came up to spend Ruby's birthday and to see the garden show. She made Ruby an awesome ape book as well as this cute little cloth house: We were very busy during her visit. We had some birthday parties, went to the garden show and visited the aquarium. Here is Grandma helping Ruby touch the starfish: The garden show had a butterfly house with lots of painted lady butterflies. Ruby enjoyed them from afar but was a little nervous having all of the butterflies out and about. She liked looking at them eating the oranges but did not want any part of holding one. She was content to see them from a safe distance. Grandma also got lots of Lucy holding time in which was nice for me to get a break and able to do some things that I had been meaning to get done. Lucy doesn't look too happy here but she really did like being cuddled by her grandma. However, a screaming baby always makes for a good picture..right?

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