Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruby Turns Three!

Ruby turned three at the end of January and much celebrating was to be had.
Actual birthday with cake and aunties and grandma
Ruby got a tricycle and a "bicycle hat"
Ruby had a little party at our local YMCA. There was time in the gym for the monkeys to get their ju-jus out and then we had cupcakes and more playtime in the little side room. It was the perfect amount of time and everyone got along famously. And for your viewing pleasure, Ruby trying to blow out her candles. I swear it wasn't a trick candle!
So, Ruby at three: She speaks non-stop, loves to sing and is doing really well at riding her trike (while steering at the same time!). She is being a wonderful big sister even though she does get frustrated when Lucy won't play with her. Nevertheless, she loves helping with changes, covering Lucy up and talking about what Lucy will do when she gets a little older. Lucky Lucy!

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