Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Annual Idaho Visit

We had our third annual February visit to Boise this past weekend and even though the dad couldn't come with us, we still had a lovely time. We celebrated Jack's birthday, did some visiting and it was great getting ALL of the kids together. What a brood! Who'd have thunk that meeting Amy while playing jump rope 30 (!) years ago, would lead to a picture like this!?!?:
Two handfuls of cute!
Ruby got to see her Uncle Harley again and she was very glad about that. Plus he gave her this Nemo-looking backpack that she ADORES.
Here are sweet Jack and Hannah -- what a couple of beautiful kids!
Jack is very much obsessed with the farm so he had a farm party. Here is Ruby getting in on the act in her cowgirl hat: Oh and the cake! Amy and I worked together to make this awesome farm cake. Are we talented or what? I had an adventure flying with the two kids by myself but it was smooth sailing. Both kiddos were angels. Ruby even got to go in the cockpit as we were debarking on our return trip. The pilot let her come in and push some buttons and pull some levers. Ruby was very impressed! I have to give it to Southwest, yet again. They are, by far, the most friendly folks in the sky that we have dealt with. Ruby had a wonderful time with Grandma Genie and, I think, actually realized that Grandma's are good for a little spoiling. I got to visit with an old high school friend, Lori, which was really cool and Lucy got to meet everybody! We also visited Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack at their new house -- quite nice! All in all, a wonderful trip as always! More soon.........

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