Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 Weeks!

Lucy had her 8 week check up today.

Stats are:

Length - 22 inches

Weight - 11lbs 10oz

Head - 14 1/2 inches

For perspective's sake note that Ruby was the same length but weighed only 9lbs 10oz at her 8 week appointment and didn't get to 11lbs until her 4 month appointment! I got a chubby one! Yah! She's just perfect :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Annual Idaho Visit

We had our third annual February visit to Boise this past weekend and even though the dad couldn't come with us, we still had a lovely time. We celebrated Jack's birthday, did some visiting and it was great getting ALL of the kids together. What a brood! Who'd have thunk that meeting Amy while playing jump rope 30 (!) years ago, would lead to a picture like this!?!?:
Two handfuls of cute!
Ruby got to see her Uncle Harley again and she was very glad about that. Plus he gave her this Nemo-looking backpack that she ADORES.
Here are sweet Jack and Hannah -- what a couple of beautiful kids!
Jack is very much obsessed with the farm so he had a farm party. Here is Ruby getting in on the act in her cowgirl hat: Oh and the cake! Amy and I worked together to make this awesome farm cake. Are we talented or what? I had an adventure flying with the two kids by myself but it was smooth sailing. Both kiddos were angels. Ruby even got to go in the cockpit as we were debarking on our return trip. The pilot let her come in and push some buttons and pull some levers. Ruby was very impressed! I have to give it to Southwest, yet again. They are, by far, the most friendly folks in the sky that we have dealt with. Ruby had a wonderful time with Grandma Genie and, I think, actually realized that Grandma's are good for a little spoiling. I got to visit with an old high school friend, Lori, which was really cool and Lucy got to meet everybody! We also visited Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack at their new house -- quite nice! All in all, a wonderful trip as always! More soon.........

Story Time!

Ruby reads one of her favorite books to Lucy. Lucy was suitably impressed.


7 weeks old and full of smiles!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit with Grandma Genie

We had a nice long visit with Grandma Genie who came up to spend Ruby's birthday and to see the garden show. She made Ruby an awesome ape book as well as this cute little cloth house: We were very busy during her visit. We had some birthday parties, went to the garden show and visited the aquarium. Here is Grandma helping Ruby touch the starfish: The garden show had a butterfly house with lots of painted lady butterflies. Ruby enjoyed them from afar but was a little nervous having all of the butterflies out and about. She liked looking at them eating the oranges but did not want any part of holding one. She was content to see them from a safe distance. Grandma also got lots of Lucy holding time in which was nice for me to get a break and able to do some things that I had been meaning to get done. Lucy doesn't look too happy here but she really did like being cuddled by her grandma. However, a screaming baby always makes for a good picture..right?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Weeks - Lucy

Our girl is 5 weeks old now and changing so much every day. She is awake much more and really focusing in on things. Now we just await the much anticipated social smile! She's also SUPER chubby and I swear, she's well into the 9lb range though we'll see once we get her on a real scale. However, she's got little fat rolls on her legs and dimples on her elbows and you could just eat her up! Girl pukes like her sister before her so we are forced to carry around huge burp cloths and if things get any worse, I will just use one of our bedsheets! She is a little gassy, which caused some fussiness but a little gas medicine works wonders. Last night she slept for 4 hours and then after eating, another 3 hours. I know that can't last but it was GLORIOUS. Best sleep for the mama for at least 5 months. Thanks Lucy! Anyway, she is looking more and more like a baby and not a newborn and starting to show us who she is.


Ruby had her first official dentist visit this month. She did really great. We were at the bookstore shortly before the visit and I grabbed a copy of "The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist" and read her the relevant parts. When we got to the dentist and she sat in the chair she wondered why it didn't have bunnies on it like in the book. The hygienist was showing her the tools and let her smell the bubblegum scented polish. She asked Ruby what it smelled like and she said, "Blankets." She opened her mouth and let the dentist, "Dr Lucy," count her teeth but would only allow her to polish about one tooth. Better luck next time!

Ruby Turns Three!

Ruby turned three at the end of January and much celebrating was to be had.
Actual birthday with cake and aunties and grandma
Ruby got a tricycle and a "bicycle hat"
Ruby had a little party at our local YMCA. There was time in the gym for the monkeys to get their ju-jus out and then we had cupcakes and more playtime in the little side room. It was the perfect amount of time and everyone got along famously. And for your viewing pleasure, Ruby trying to blow out her candles. I swear it wasn't a trick candle!
So, Ruby at three: She speaks non-stop, loves to sing and is doing really well at riding her trike (while steering at the same time!). She is being a wonderful big sister even though she does get frustrated when Lucy won't play with her. Nevertheless, she loves helping with changes, covering Lucy up and talking about what Lucy will do when she gets a little older. Lucky Lucy!