Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're On Week Two

It's been pretty low key around our house as we all adjust to the newest member. Dustin was home for the first week and we had a few family outings and got used to coordinating an infant and toddler and all of their gear. We've had a few visitors (all arriving with food-nice!) and that's been a lot of fun!

Ruby seems to be adjusting to her sister pretty well. She adores giving her kisses and giving her the chupa chup and sharing her toys with her. It's not all smooth sailing though. When Magy and Ian asked her about Lucy she said, "She's a BAD baby! She snatches my purse!" Ok then!

Ruby helps her dad with the jig saw

Ruby is hitting the threes with gusto and it makes the "terrible twos" look like child's play. There's a lot of limit pushing going on so we are dealing with that. However, her wicked sense of humor, playfulness and general good attitude more than make up for her more trying moments. I think having a new baby is also contributing to her wanting to see just how far she can go...sometimes literally as we are working on not running away from me when we are out and about. Next time I go shopping with the two of them, we are going someplace that has a cart big enough to hold them both. That's all I'm sayin'

Godfather Pose
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Lucy is doing great -- she's eating a ton and already starting to get some chubs on her legs. Is it possible we may have a chubby one this time? She does not love the chupa chup as much as her sister did but does enjoy finding her thumb and sucking on that. She's also been sleeping really well and giving me at least one 3 1/2-4 hour stretch a night which is doing wonders for her mother's beauty sleep. But, as we know, this is all temporary so we just take each night and day as it comes! She's been great though and we like to just sit and stare at her. We love baby tv!!

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