Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, we were filled with gratitude this thanksgiving -- thankful we had not one, not two but THREE dinners, thankful we are healthy, thankful for our wonderful families and friends... The festivities began with a delicious lasagna dinner on Wednesday with several of Dustin's bandmates from The Riffbrokers and The Small Change and their partners. Ruby helped make the lasagna and set the table and then, after dinner, as we sat and chatted, came over and began taking everyone's plate and putting it in the kitchen. Completely unprompted. That's right. I said, unprompted. Turns out, she's actually paying attention to things we teach her. Who knew? On Thanksgiving proper, we woke up bright and early to make pies. Ruby helped with the crust: That day, we went over the Magy's family's for a delicious dinner and wonderful company. There were lots of kids so Ruby had a wonderful time and Dustin and I enjoyed getting to visit with Magy and Ian for an extended period of time. Then, on Friday, we had our annual dinner at The Anderson's where Ruby and Ari cracked each other up. Ari is getting close to walking and Ruby decided to show her how it's done, saying, "See Ari. Walking. Do it like this," and then proceeded to do an exaggerated walk. Of course it's times like these that the video camera is no where near. Ruby, above, is celebrating in her FAVORITE coat of all time. I don't know why but she loves this coat. The weather was actually really beautiful for much of the weekend so we got to go to the park and spend sometime outside. Oh joy! Our week of gluttony and good times over, we settled in to get back to our routine and, of course, get ready for Christmas! My favorite time of year!

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