Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You For....

Ruby is starting to figure out different and better ways to say things. For example, sometimes, instead of shrieking like an unholy banshee from hell, she says, "Please can I have a turn?" In fact, she's really got a handle on the whole taking turns thing and willingly will give something up for someone else's "turn" and then politely asks again for her turn. Granted, it doesn't happen every time but it's a work in progress. She has also started saying, "Thank you for...." as in "Thank you for moving the black chair, Mommy," or "Thank you for loving me too, Mommy" (melt melt melt).
Kayla and Ruby enjoying December sunshine. Love love love this photo.
Some other sayings Ruby has going on lately are, "That's a funny noise!" and "No, YOU do it!" when she doesn't want to do something I have asked her to do. I am trying to get it on video but she gets a really indignant look on her face and tells you, "That was rude!" if she doesn't like something you've step on her toe. Oops. She's also got a fascination with potty humor which given her family ties will last well into her late 30's if not longer. What we're reading:
  • "Ruby Sings the Blues" by Niki Daley which, if you look closely at the cover, you can see that the parents of Ruby in the book look very similar to our Ruby's parents. Anyway, she enjoys that this Ruby is loud and will tell you that, in fact, that is her in the book.
  • "Shades of People" by Shelley Rotner Ruby loves to look at and mimic the photographs of the children in this book. I liked it when I read it but underestimated how much she would like it. She also likes to compare her hands to the photo of all the hands at the end.
  • And she's still obsessed with Koko the gorilla and pretty much ANY book that features a gorilla.
Still zero interest/inclination towards the potty. We are trying very hard to not make it a power struggle but she resists it so strongly. Dr Phil (ugh) said that you just need to find the child's "currency" to which I say, no freakin' kidding Dr Phil! If I knew what that was, it wouldn't be a problem. However, all I have heard is that she shouldn't be doing it just before a major change so I am just letting it go at this point though I can't help but comment when she complains about cold wipes. Me, I am growing a wee bigger every day. Work is getting interesting especially as I attempt to touch my toes during "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" and I have taken to asking kids to help me pick things up off the floor. This little miss is quite active and has taken to kicking me in the lungs around 5:30 am. Delightful. Not sure if this bodes well for the future or not! Ruby enjoys helping the doctor hear the heartbeat and will point out her sister if asked. Other than that, not sure she's really full comprehending what's going to happen in a month. That's the news! More soon!

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