Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grandma Visits

We had a wonderful visit from Grandma Genie last week. Ruby's last visit where she gets Grandma ALL to herself -- ha ha! She took full advantage and had grandma reading to her at every turn. Grandma made Ruby some super cute monkey (moan-key as Ruby says it) and brought her the book "Olivia Forms a Band" which Ruby LOVED and insists upon reading nightly now. We also decorated our Christmas tree. Ruby loves the idea of having a tree in our house and was a great little decorator. Well, she did put all of the ornaments in one spot. Every time I would ask her, "Where do you want to put this one?" she would reply, "Down LOW." So we kept our decorating on the downlow this year, as they say. We also took the opportunity to talk about Santa and our imminent visit with him. When we asked what she would say to Santa she said, "Please?" She does know what to say! However, when I ask if she would tell him she was naughty or nice, she invariably says 'naughty' so there you have it. I told her she'd only get a lump of coal and she said, "Ok!" Yeah.. I think we might be missing something but that's ok. Our other highlight during Grandma's visit was visiting our friends Tammy and John and their new little baby boy. Ruby was very interested in feeding him and trying to give him toys. Then, while John was changing him, he peed and some got on Ruby's foot. For the rest of the weekend, the answer to "What did you do this weekend?" was, "Elliott peed on my foot." I assured her that this was a less common occurence with sisters than with brothers. Anyway, we were sorry to see Grandma leave but we know we'll see her again in a short while!

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