Monday, December 28, 2009

As the Baby Turns

We had an appointment at the hospital on Thursday to talk about doing a "version" which is where they manually punch you in the stomach and push the baby around so that it's facing the right way. I know. I sounds awesome. I have an aversion to a version. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do that because it was possible I could have had to have the baby that very day if things didn't go well. But then the alternative was having the baby via scheduled c-section, which I wasn't all that hip to either. Plus it was Christmas Eve and who wants to think about such things on the day before Christmas? Not me! At any rate, we showed up and it was as though all signs pointed to no that day. The doctor didn't know we were scheduled, none of my records were there and the ultrasound people had gone home for the day. All we could determine was that the little lady was lying horizontally across the uterus. So, we made an appointment to return on Monday.

Well, today my entourage (Dustin and Kathy bff/doula) and I show up nice and early and they send us off to ultrasound where they discover that...she has FLIPPED herself! Hooray!! Looks like all of the cajoling, chiropracting and acupuncturing has worked! She had her head down and backwards just like she is supposed to be. So, no need for that nasty-sounding version thing nor for scheduling a c-section. PHEW! We decided that she just needed one last look around to make sure she grabbed her purse and the iron was off before she heads out the door. They still did a complete u/s and determined she looks great and is about 7 lbs....for whatever that's worth since it seems they are usually off by several ounces with these predictions. We'll see.... br>
So now..we wait...

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librarianista said...

Hooray! What a smart little Baby Miller.